Accountant Assistant – Internal Management

Ferronile Steel Bars Factory is seeking a visionary and dynamic individual to join the FSF team as an accountant assistant. This critical and innovative full-time position is based in Soba industrial city, Khartoum

Interested candidates are encouraged to Email their CVs to

Required Skills
· Some college level education in one of the following areas: Business Administration or General Accountancy degree.
· No Experience is Required.( Progressive Experience is a plus)
· Excellent command in Arabic & English language skills ( speaking & writing)
· Speaking Turkish is an advantage
· Excellent time management and leadership skills
· Ability to work under pressure to achieve sales targets
· Confident, self driven, dynamic and loves to learn

Application Process

Those interested in this position may apply by submitting a letter of interest specifically addressing the qualifications listed in this announcement, a current resume, a complete list of three or more personal and professional references, Please E-mail all the application materials to:


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