Real Estate Broker

Is urgently required for its unique project “El Yasmine Residence”, the first integrated community in Khartoum with a new concept of modern life style, established on extensive marketing studies to identify the needs and expectations of the target market from the Sudanese living in Sudan and abroad.

The selected broker will gain an excellent package for profitable project income performing the following:
• Monitor closing of sales contract terms to ensure that they are handled in a timely manner.
• Act as an intermediary in negotiations between buyers and sellers over project units’ price during the closing of sales.
• Generate lists of units for sale, their locations, descriptions, and available financing options.

Therefore, if you meet the following job requirements:
• Minimum 5 years experience in the same field.
• High educated.
• Business oriented.
• English language knowledge.

If you have the needed requirement please send your CV or contact us.
Fax: +249183724416/417


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