Engineers-SMEC International

SMEC International (Pty) Ltd ( is a leading engineering consulting firm with over 4000 employees providing multidisciplinary engineering services including in Dams, Hydropower, and Power engineering. SMEC has an established network of 34 major offices throughout Australia, Africa, Asia, The Middle East and the Pacific

SMEC is expanding its technical resources in the Africa Division, which supports SMEC’s Dam, Hydropower and Power projects throughout Africa. We are currently accepting application in the following fields:

• Senior Civil Engineer Embankment Dams
• Senior Civil Engineer Concrete Dams
• Senior Soil Mechanics Engineer
• Senior Geotechnical Engineer
• Senior Laboratory Engineer
• Senior Surveyor
• Senior Quantity Surveyor
• Senior Structural Engineer
• Senior Hydraulic Engineer
• Senior Mechanical Engineer

SMEC offers excellent international employment conditions.

Professionals with at least ten years of experience with three years in dams and hydro are invited to send their details curriculum vitae and a cover letter to email provided below.

Early applications may be given preference. Copies of certificates will be requested at a later time.

SMEC also accepts CVs of other experienced engineers interested in working in Africa.

Closing Date 31-12-2010

Tel.: +249(0)912163014


One Response to Engineers-SMEC International

  1. Abdulrahman abdulaziz ahmed says:

    Telecomunication engineer(diploma)
    Digital network engineer
    Sudatel (1994-1997)
    Omantel (1997-2005)
    contact 00249915624017

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