LE II Corporate Services Manager (Transport)


British Embassy, Khartoum
Are you an experienced manager, an innovative, energetic, self-starter? Do you thrive on challenge, have the drive and resilience to see a job through, and set and observe high standards of customer service?
If so, we are looking for a Corporate Services Manager to join our busy and dynamic Corporate Services Team at a time of rapid change. The successful candidate will be responsible for ensuring the Trans team deliver the highest standard of services.



The British Embassy in Khartoum is part of a world-wide network of 230 Posts, representing British politic economic and consular interests overseas. Our office in Khartoum employs over 300 staff, The LE II Corporate Services Manager (Transport) will report directly to the Head of Corporate Services, and play key role in the Embassy management team Transport services are an essential function within the Corporate Services team.



Main Duties and Responsibilities
• Overall responsibility for the provision of transport services to the Embassy;
• Management of vehicle fleet resources and drivers;
• Analysis of service standards and preparation of reports for senior managers;
• Budget management for all areas of transport operations;
• Liaison with all stakeholders to maintain service standards and provision of required services through careful deployment of resources;



Skills Required
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a strong customer focus
• Ability to work with contacts and colleagues at all levels
• Personal drive and the ability to be a self-starter as well as a team player
• Strong organizational, analytical and time management skills, with very good attention to detail
• Flexible, resilient under pressure and decisive with a proven track record of delivering results to a high standard within tight deadlines
• Ability to travel occasionally within the region or internationally as needed
• Willingness to work additional hours as necessary.



Minimum Qualifications
• A college/university level degree in Business Management or equivalent experience is preferred;
• At least 5 years of management or administrative experience in a managerial capacity. At least 2-4 years experience managing staff;
• Background in administration or management preferred;
• Fluent in English, orally and in writing, required; additional fluency in Arabic useful;
• Strong IT computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Office, Internet and MS Project experience with Oracle systems and databases preferred


The British Embassy offers a competitive remuneration package, including salary, medical insurance, leave entitlement and training. The current LE II salary scale is SDG 3,815 to SDG 5,379 per month payable 13 times per year. New staff normally join at the minimum of the scale. Specific training and mentoring for the role will be provided for the successful candidate. This may include training in London and the region. The successful candidate is expected to commence employment in January 2011.


To Apply:
Please send a completed application form with your CV to the Embassy HR Manager Solara Ali (email provided below)
Only those candidates who are successful in the initial sift of applications will be contacted and invited to attend an interview.
Application forms are available from the Embassy reception.


The British Embassy is an equal opportunities employer and does not discriminate on grounds of ethnic origin race religious beliefs age disability gender or sexual orientation.

Thursday 16/12/2010

Email: solara.ali@fco.gov.uk


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