Coordinator, Donor working group

Canadian International Development Agency

Position Title: Coordinator, Donor working group- Referenda (DWG-R)
Contract: 3 months (December 19, 2010 – March 31st 2011)

General Mandate:
Under the overall direction of the co-chairs of the DWG-R, the DWG-R coordinator will act as an independent advisor to the DWG-R. As a coordinator to the DWG-R the role is not to represent Donor interests but to support their collective ability to assist in the delivery of this final benchmark of the CPA. Duties include meeting facilitation of the DWG-R, support to the co-chairs, regular consultations with a wide range of entities involved including national organizations, multilateral and INGO organizations, update the DWG-R on information about the positions and interests of key referenda stakeholders where appropriate, identify areas of strategic support in need of donor attention and bring serious concerns amongst referendum stakeholders to the attention of the DWG-R to promote rapid resolution.

The successful candidate will have a minimum of 36 months of employment with a national or international NGO, Embassy, multilateral agency, or government office (References as evidence of employment will be requested). Experience in the area of referenda, elections or electoral assistance at a national or international level is an asset.

Master’s degree from an accredited university in a field relevant (i.e. public administration, international development/politics/relations, etc.). Evidence of completion of degree will be required.

Excellent written and spoken English (written test may be administered). Basic Arabic comprehension, reading and writing skills are considered an asset.

Please send your application and requests for further information to email provided below, subject: DWG-R Coordinator.

Only electronic applications will be accepted.

Applications will not be accepted after indicated time.

• To apply for this position candidates should send their resume with a cover letter by email to stating their interest in the position and the reason why they think they would be the best candidate for the position, with reference to their qualifications and work experience.
• Only the applicants short-listed will be contacted and will need to provide proof of certification.
• Shortlisted applicants may be invited to conduct an interview and written test.
• Successful candidate must be able to produce original qualifications and experience certificates and personal ID with a photograph.

Last Date :

8/12/2010 @ 16:00 hrs Local (Khartoum) time



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