HR Officer

Medair, an international Non Governmental Organization (NGO), is looking to fill the following position or its Khartoum office:
Position (1 vacancy)
HR Officer
Project/ Location:
Medair office, Khartoum 2


• University degree in HR, law, Management or equivalent
• Two years experience in similar position
• Previous work with NGO.
• Preferably previous experience in training
• Excellent Arabic language skills (oral and written)
• Excellent English language skills (Oral and written)
• Advanced computer skills (MS Word. Excel, PowerPoint and email).
• Good communicator, friendly and team player. Comfortable with training and coaching staff.
• Excellent organizer, ability to multitask and to work independently.

• Manage national staff related issues within the Khartoum office, including staff planning, organizing files, holiday planning, sick leave tracking etc.
• Manage the monthly payroll for Khartoum national staff.
• Facilitate national staff recruitment, including preparing advert, interviews and contracts
• Ensure that national staff are properly briefed when starting with Medair.
• Serve as HR focal — for Medair field offices regarding collecting and processing HR documents from the field and ensure that unified procedures and forms are used
• Provide advice, support and training to field offices about HR issues, through entails, memos and regular field visits
• Liaise with HAC and other government offices on national staff related HR issues
• Line manage the domestic staff

Reports to: HR Manager.

Salary: Starting at 1,205 SDG gross per month, subject to qualifications and experience.

Applications should include:
• CV (typed or word processed in English).
• Application letter (hand-written or typed in English) explaining why you wish to work with Medair and how you feel your qualifications and experience fit oar requirements.
• Diplomas and certificates.
• Recommendation letters from previous employers.
• Any other paperwork necessary to demonstrate your qualifications and experience.
• Names, addresses and phone numbers of two references, who know you in a work capacity.
• Your day phone number.

If your qualifications and experience match our requirements stated above and you are motivated to dedicate your work to the benefit of the needy, please send your application to HAC.
Only short listed candidates will be contacted after closing date.

HAC Labour Office, Khartoum 3, Opposite SELTI Institute

Before 9/12/2010


3 Responses to HR Officer

  1. yassir ahmed hassan says:

    ياسر احمد حسن
    موظف بمصنع الروابي للالبان والعصائر
    بكارلايوس في العلوم الاداريه
    خبرة جيده في التعامل بالحاسب الآلي

  2. yassir ahmed hassan says:

    الرجاء مساعدتي بقدر الممكن لاحد وظيفه تناسبني

  3. موظف بالمصتع الاماراتى السودانى
    ماجستير ادارةاعمال HR

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