Accounts – Human resources – Information technology

Accounts – Human resources – Information technology

A reputable widespread oil company with head office in khartoum

request the empolyment of staff in the following fields

1- Accounts
2- Human resources
3- Information technology

All applicants should satisfy the following conditions:
– University degree, higher diploma in the relevent field with about three years experience.
– Free from national service.
– Sudanese nationals.
– To work in khartoum but ready to work in other Sudanese town.
– Good knowledge of computer systems.
– Good knowledge of english language.

Applicant to send thier c.v to the mail below and clearly write thier telephone No.
Only selected Condidates will be called for interview.

Closing Date 27/11/2010

P.O. BOX No 1155 Khartoum



2 Responses to Accounts – Human resources – Information technology

  1. ابو العلا محمد ابوالعلا says:

    ابو العلا محمد ابو العلا – مهندس اتصالات والكترونيات

  2. Why ther’s no E-mail for receiving the CV’s

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