Section Head, Capability Development- Centroid Technical Services Co. Ltd

Section Head, Capability Development

Centroid Technical Services Co. Ltd (CENTROID), a Khartoum based company providing Project Management, Operations & Maintenance (O & M) services for the petroleum industry in Sudan has the following vacancy.
Section Head.

Capability Development
Basic Function and Scope:

• Develop technical staff capability and build strategies and plans, by ensuring continuous supply of competent technical pool of expertise, to support Centroid business operations.

• Lead and drive the development and implementation of Technical staff career development plans and capability building strategies as to ensure continuous competency enhancement to build and sustain technical expertise and talent pool in line with Centroid Vision and Mission.

• Lead in the development and implementation technical individual career plans and roadmaps to ensure staff progression and technical specialists succession is line with company’s business growth.

• Manage staff competency and capability database to ensure data integrity contributes to smooth and successful implementation of company’s Technical Career Progression target.

• Facilitate and coordinate staff competency evaluation, together with line departmental heads, to identify and recommend programs to bridge the technical gaps, enhance capability growth and achieve business objectives.

• Lead and drive the implementation of technical professional developmental programs by sourcing from internal and external trainers and consultants and recommend accepted global standard programs for staff to enhance their capability and prepare for future business growth.
1. Nationality — Sudanese / Expatriate
2. Minimum Requirements:

1- B.Sc. Honors in any Engineering Discipline

2- 8 years experience in Training & Development or Project Management, PMP, PRINCE or Equivalent Certificate is a merit.

3- Good Command of English

4- Excellent Computer Skills.
Interested candidates are encouraged to send copies of C.V, Qualification and Experience Certificates to the Email address provided below or personally at the company office located at Garden City Block No 1/144.

Closing Date25/11/2010 at 12.00 HRS


Tel.: 0155117729/ 0155885896


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