VAM Officer-GIS-United Nations World Food Programme

The Office of the United Nations World Food Programme, Sudan, is currently seeking a qualified candidate for the following post:

Job Title: VAM Officer-GIS (1 position).

Duty Station: Khartoum

Section: VAM Unit

Contract Type/Level: NOB

Post Duration: Fixed Term

Applications Details:

Interested applicants should submit Application together with updated P11 or CV by e-mail or Personally deliver or Mail applications to:

Attn: Human Resources Officer

WFP Sudan 653 A, Block 68, Arkawit,

P.O. Box 913, Khartoum

Khartoum, SUDAN

Please clearly type the vacancy number and job title, which you are applying for, on the envelope quoting the vacancy number. Unmarked envelope will not be considered. Only short listed candidates will be contacted for interview. If you are applying for more than one post, please submit separate applications for each. Please attach photocopies of certificates and not the originals.

Applications from qualified women candidates are encouraged.

Terms of Reference

Under the direct supervision of the head of VAM unit based in Khartoum, the VAM Officer is responsible for the following tasks:

Ensure the development and production of maps and related mapping documents to effectively support WFP/VAM in its cartographic needs;

Strengthen WFP knowledge base and the understanding of food security and vulnerability issues at country level contributing to a better preparedness and response capacity to protect the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities that are at risk.

Ensure the use of such knowledge to inform WFP decision making and contribute to country level work of government counterparts, Civil society organizations, bilateral donors arid UN agencies;

Contribute and to the establishment and maintenance of a food security and vulnerability monitoring system to detect changes in the food security and vulnerability of populations at risk;

Analyze geographic patterns off insecurity and vulnerability by integrating primary food security data with other sources of data in the geography information systems(GIS) environment.

Work with WFP’s partner to identify needs and advise on the GIS products and mapping capacity.

Provide training and develop national skills in GIS and remote sensing;

Identify requirements for spatial analysis and products relevant to activities of WFP;

Prepare and distribute maps, in various formats (hard-copy with small to large format printing, digital and web-compatible;

Assist the head of VAM unit and VAM officer on the development of online mapping project;

Supervise the collection, data structuring and archiving of geographic information related to food security and vulnerability data;

Supervise GIS and database assistants;

Participate in sect oral working groups to identify GIS information needs and provide technical support;

Any other duties as may be requested by head of VAM unit;

Results Expected:

Under overall guidance of supervisor and with certain degree of independence provides well prepared, analytical work, manages projects with focus on food security and vulnerability issues; provides effective technical support in conducting assessments, food security monitoring, targets and adjusts food aid requirements, maintain database, etc; builds effective collaboration with other WFP offices as well as colleagues outside WFP; supports and guides and/or supervises general service staff.

Critical Success Factors:

Ability to compile, and analyze data, prepare reports and draw initial relationships and recommendations; ability to work in a team, and maintain effective work relationships with counterparts; effective and timely interaction with colleagues and concerned parties internally and externally; flexibility in accepting work assignments outside normal desk description; ability to deal patiently and tactfully with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.


University degree or advanced University Degree (Masters or equivalent) in one or more of the Following disciplines: Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, or a field relevant field.


Minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible relevant professional experience;

practical background in GIS and cartography, Including knowledge of current GIS software S,ERDAS Imagine);

Knowledge of related software and systems (illustrator, Goggle Earth, MS Access and my SQL database;

Knowledge of remote sensing and raster-vector integration techniques; Experience with online mapping technologies is preferable;

Excellent inter-personal and general communication skills;

Strong service orientation;

Ability to work in a multi —cultural environment.

Desirable Skills:

Advances knowledge of geographic information system (GIS) and statistical analysis soft ware.

Experience in early warning and remote sensing and familiarity with the specialty software application associated with them. Familiarity with quantitative and qualitative survey techniques.

Experience in the design and implementation of food aid programmes, Some experience in remote sensing interpretation and analysis.


Fluency in both, spoken and written English and Arabic.

Closing Date




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