Sales Administrator

Job Title: Sales Administrator
Date Posted: 24 October 2010
Closing Date: 12 November 2010
Company: Soba Real Estate Co. Ltd
Job Classification: Employee
Job Category: Sales
Position Summery:
We are looking for a strong administrative professional who will act as an integral part of our sales team.? This position will help support sales people within DAL Property division. This position will reporting to the Sales Manager, and will assist with the overall financial analysis of the company’s sales results


To support the flow of work throughout the sales teams to improve their overall efficiency and profitability. As well as administering the team’s systems, procedures and reporting mechanisms the Sales Administrator will work with all departments across the company with a varied range of goals but ultimately to support and improve the overall sales effort.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
  • · Maintain and update the clients’ database.
  • · Tracking and generating financial reports
  • · Manage the Customers’ accounts.
  • · Maintain, update and review in confidentially of new account documentation.
  • · Update and maintain accounts mailing list.
  • · Develop and update sales binders.
  • · Key account sales reporting and analysis.
  • · Track outstanding and submitted quotes.
  • · Setup and maintain customer database
  • · Prepare quotations for electronic and hardcopy submittal.
  • · Assist in generating sales presentations and proposals for large-scale capital equipment procurements using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • · Use skills to format documents (using outline mode) and integrate graphics.
  • · Maintain sales reporting documents.
  • · Ensuring all client contracts comply with corporate guidelines and manage renewal process.
  • · Support Sales team with invoicing issues.
  • · Setting up client deliverables (training provided).
  • · Liaising with the Monitoring department to ensure monitoring obligations are fulfilled.
  • · Generate reports related to sales activities and revenue data.
  • · 3-5 year college degree (Sales & Marketing, Business Admin, etc.?) preferred.
  • · 2-3 years of business experience.
Minimum Qualification & Experience:
Required Skills & Knowledge:
In a fast-paced environment, excellent communication and time-management skills are required, as well as the ability to handle multiple projects and priorities.


  • · Customer-service oriented personality.
  • · Initiative, self-starter, ability to see opportunities and to set and achieve goals.
  • · Quality focused and highly organized with the ability to set priorities and fully respect to deadlines.
  • · Proficient in Microsoft Office, specifically in Word and PowerPoint and strong Excel/Spreadsheet experience is a must with the ability to format documents and integrate graphics for proposals and presentations.
  • · Excellent communication skills, in English and Arabic speaking and writing and strong ability for editing.
  • · Teamwork, being a constructive team member.
  • · Flexibility, have ability to handle changes and pressure and adapt to new situations
  • · Ability to format documents and integrate graphics for proposals and presentations.
  • · Strong Sales and good Admin experience essential.
  • · A proactive and keen minded person.
  • · Excellent quantitative & qualitative skills
  • · Respect the work nature confidentiality.
  • · Candidates should have a flexible approach to work requirements and a willingness to learn new skills and tasks.


For Apply visit Current Vacancies in Dal website

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