HR Business & Administration Partner

Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.
Job Classification: Supervisor
Job Category: Human Resources & Administration
Position Summery:
To ensure there is a main focal point for all MSU (Marketing Services Unit) admin and HR issues, and help with a seamless flow of daily work, and assuming overall responsibility for delivering excellent, pro-active admin and HR service.
Main Duties & Responsibilities:·
  • Keep staff attendance records and overtime sheets.
  • Coordinate between MSU staff and HR department·
  • Follow up of MSU staff leaves ·
  • Liaising with Sayga HR for Hotel Booking ,Travel Request Form and Visas·
  • Liaise between MSU staff members·
  • Liaise driver’s tasks / outgoing parcels to and from MSU department ·
  • Communicate parcels to DAL Group HQ·
  • Communicating parcels send via TNT/courier·
  • Availability of stationery for MSU staff  / design office requirements ·
  • Availability of cleaning / hygienic material for the department ·
  • Availability of hot drinks material (tea/coffee) and soft drinks·
  • Follow up of cars / pick up / truck theatre maintenance ·
  • Deliver & record vehicles fuel consumption ·
  • Issue & supervise of materials/equipment gate passes ·
  • Preparing letters/faxes ·
  • Procurement of different materials needed by the MSU, locally / internationally upon request·
  • Able to find new suppliers local/international ·
  • Deliver material (if any) to business units once received and checked·
  • Deliver any other administrative / procurement duties assigned by the direct supervisor or department head.
  • Manage petty cash
Minimum Qualification & Experience:·
  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration·
  • 3 years of experience in same or related field
Required Skills & Knowledge:·
  • Computer Skills·
  • Communication skills·
  • Management / administrative skills·
  • Financial skills·
  • Creative skills·
  • Time Management skills
Closing Date: 08 November 2010
For Apply visit Current Vacancies in Dal website

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