Fire Fighting Safety Promotion Supervisor

Date Posted: 01 November 2010

Closing Date: 30 November 2010

Company: Sudanese Liquid Air Co. Ltd.

Job Classification: Supervisor

Job Category: Marketing

Position Summery:

Supervise and manage marketing & sales distribution, reporting and control systems of Safety Materials & Equipment to achieve both Group and Company objectives with overall responsibility for all Safety assets, volume and marketing objectives for the company.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:

1.0               Safety Promotion and Sales:

1.1               Supervise and lead the growth of the safety division.

1.2               Analysis & follow up of sales KPI reports on regular basis and taking correction actions.

1.3               Achieving the annual Safety sales and expenses budget objectives.

2.0               Information requirements:

2.1               Ensure all Safety sales reporting requirements are complying with the Company Executive functions.

2.2               Report on the Safety sales planned vs actual performance, providing useful explanations on any divergences

2.3               Develop KPI’s for the Safety Dept.

2.4               Gather adequate information on the company positioning and market share

3.0               Forecasting and Planning:

3.1               Express and interpret the Department strategy in commercial terms highlighting funding requirements.

3.2               Produce periodic Safety sales and expenses forecasts as required

4.0                People Management:

4.1               Training of local staff and company’s customers on the safety applications.

4.2               Responsible for the safety team management, motivation and discipline.

4.3               Set targets for the Safety marketing team members and to ensure those targets are achieved properly.

4.4               Identify and address personnel development needs.

5.0               Safety materials Control:

5.1               Supervise inventory control including ordering and stock rotation control.

5.2               Supervise equipment & materials merchandising, handling and installation to ensure quality and safety standards are maintained.

5.3               Supervise maintenance of equipments delivered by customers.

6.0               Customers Service:

6.1               Build and develop a detailed customers’ data base.

6.2               Manage the customers and opportunities through the CRM model.

6.3               Management and execution of the customer service policy.

7.0               Others:

Complete any other assignments or responsibilities as defined by the management.

Minimum Qualification & Experience:

B.Sc. Business Administration/Commercial Studies/Technical Studies.

Required Skills & Knowledge:·

Minimum 5 years in Sales, Management and Distribution in the fire fighting business.

·   Strong technical and market knowledge of all the fire fighting materials and equipments.

·    Demonstrate strong commitment to the development of the business and the ability to work independently.

·    Customer focused and consumer driven.

·    A competitive nature.

·    Effective consultation, communication and problem solving skills.

·    Excellent communication skills in English.


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