Commercial Finance Manager

Date Posted: 03 November 2010

Closing Date: 24 November 2010

Company: Sayga Investment Co. Ltd.

Job Classification: Managerial

Job Category: Finance & Accounts Position


Assist performing financial evaluations on new pack launches, promotional trade/marketing initiatives, pricing support programs (deductions), market investment placement, etc. to support the Finance Manager and Sales / Trade and Marketing areas, by:
·    Ensure timely assessment of key volume/financial drives impact on P&L performance.

·    Perform Value Chain Analysis for current and new product launches to help management in the decision-making process.

Month-end and annual accounting/financial reporting
Main Duties & Responsibilities:
·    Work flow ManagementDesign and implement work flows to reduce time and increase effectiveness of the operation·

Internal Control Review controls on a regular basis to ensure the controls add value and are effective·

Workforce planning Plan to ensure all pricing / costing by SKU are filled to avoid gaps in the system·

Information Systems Analyze and communicate IT problems and solutions that can be implemented and follow through to successful closing of task·

Sales System SupportDevelop and analyze value chain by SKU/channels to ensure proper input to sales team on profitability·

Reporting Track revenues and brand contribution for all categories / brand / packs (VCM update and planning scenarios, excel modeling).

Support to all ad hoc requests for commercial financial evaluation and tracking performance on major marketing activities.·

Policies & Procedures Follow, understand and recommend improvements to current policies and procedures in order to achieve a simple effective set of policies and procedures

Minimum Qualification & Experience:·

Business Administration degree or Accounting degree·

3 to 5 years work experience with good analytical skills and background

Required Skills & Knowledge:·

SAGE / ERP System·

Excel (proficient) / PowerPoint (users)·

Effective and persuasive communication skills·

Ability to work under pressure·

Forecasting skills (for proactive reactions on P&L changes)·

Strong Analytical and Financial modeling skills·

Understanding accounting implications·

Deadline accomplishments and project management

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