Chief Financial Officer-CFO

Lutfi SDC act as specialist recruitment agency dedicated to the resourcing of professional Sudaneses
calibres in many sectors and at all level. We recruit people from top senior management through to junior and fresh graduates We have the bellow positions for enthusiastic individuals

  • Salary up to 22,500 SDG per month
  • Medical Insurance
  • Company Car
  • Laptop and Phone

Senior Finance Director will be responsible for the overall financial management activities encompassing treasury, financial control, procurements, and the provision of reliable and valid financial reports at the corporate level, you must be habitual to jobs of executive and managerial nature and have the ability to inspire and motivate others to perform well.

About the Employer:
Elnefeidi Group Holding Company LLC is well reputed family business operating in wide range of sectors including, transport, automotive, tyre retreading and property development. Having gone recently through restructuring activities, the companies intend to sustain business while providing customers with value added product/services and maintain strong brand identity.
How to Apply:
Please send your CV to

Closing Date 18-11-2010


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