Translation and Administration Support Team Member

Translation and Administration Support Team Member

AECOM International Sudan (AIS) seeks qualified Sudanese candidate to support its Transition and Conflict Mitigation Program in Khartoum and its field offices. This program is implemented on behalf of USAID’s Office of Transition and Conflict Mitigation. AIS delivers a comprehensive in-kind grants program, providing commodities and services to grantees for the implementation of mutually agreed activities in support of the CPA-mandated peace process.
A. Scope of Work:
AIS is committed to providing significant support to the Popular Consultation Process in Southern Kordofan and Blue Nile, as it is set out in the CPA and related legal instruments. This support includes technical advice, conferences, civic education, capacity building media and acting as focal point for the Friends of Popular Consultation. These activities generate documents that need to be edited, translated, stored, circulated, reconciled and prepared in different information products for different audiences. AIS’ Popular Consultation activates are coordinated by the designated Popular Consultation Teem Leader and supported by the Popular Consultation Support Specialist. The Translation and Administration Team Member position supported the Popular Consultation Team in communication and administrative assignments.
B. Primary Roles and Responsibilities:
• Support the Popular Consultation Team in liaising with local and national actors.
• Assist in building and coordinating partnerships with local and national actors.
• Interpret for the Popular Consultation Teem at meetings, presentations and social gatherings with local and national actors.
• Translate documents from English – Arabic and Arabic – English in accurate and precise manner in a limited time frame.
• Assist the Popular Consultation Support Specialist in supervising local staff in the exercise of popular consultation activities as required.
• Travel to Blue Nile State and Southern Kordofan State as required.
• Support the Popular Consultation Support Specialist and Team Leader in all other relevant activities as required.
• Other duties as advised by the Popular Consultations Support Specialist/ Team Leader or his designated authority.
C. Required profile:
• Degree in English-Arabic translation or in a related field.
• Experience as an Interpreter/ translator in English-Arabic.
• Experience in working in an international environment is not a requirement but an asset.
Competencies and skills:
• Excellent communication skills in Arabic and English, verbal as well as written.
• Able to treat information in a neutral manner.
• Able to set priorities, to be organized and respect deadlines.
• Able to handle sensitive documents, respect policies, procedures and other requirements.
• 100 percent computer literate.
• Shows understanding of the Sudanese political context.
D. Supervision:
* Functional Reporting to Popular Consultations Support Specialist. Supervised by the AIS Operations Director.
E. Level of Effort: Up to 60 days.
F. How to apply: • All applications should be forwarded to the email provided below.
Closing Date 7/11/2010

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