Account Manager – Experience 2-5 Years

Account Manager-Ericsson Egypt LTD


• Providing support to Account manger(s) for development of customer relationships.
• Maximize the Ericsson relationship with the customer based on fundamental understanding of the customers’ business and stakeholder objectives
• Work closely with Customer Unit operations to ensure quality and profitability in delivery by securing contract fulfillment, including the delivery of services, is the sponsor of customer projects
• Back office activities like opportunity management, price management, bid management, supply forecast and risk management.
• Sales for customer’s projects (governed by account targets for e.g. net sales orders booked and customer satisfaction).
• Coordination of business activities and information sharing with own Core 3 Team.
• Development of business cases to support business growth for the account.
• Regular Core3 Team meetings, Key Account Managers meetings and business reviews.
• Build relationships with customer executives to achieve “trusted partner” status and address the entire business needs of the customer


• University degree in Business Administration and/or Engineering, MBA is a plus.

• Strong leadership and internal stakeholder management skills

• Demonstrated ability to win orders in challenging customer and competitive market environment.

• Strong business acumen and understanding of the customer’s business priorities to look at opportunities from the customer’s perspective.

• Exceptional proven sales management capability, preferably sales management experience, and preferably some business unit experience

• Familiar with the global ICT industry

• Familiar with the Ericsson organization, solutions and offerings; knowledge of markets, products, processes, etc.

• Strong business and financial awareness to ensure understanding of the implications that various courses of action will have on costs and revenues

• Strong focus on achieving results and operational excellence.

• Excellent negotiation and presentation skills

• Intellectual ability and strategic thinking

• Ability to communicate effectively

• Ability to adapt and manage change and stress

• Arabic will be an advantage

• Fluent English

Experience: Minimum: 2  Maximum: 5 years

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