NOC Manager-Network or Computer Engineering

Duty Station:  Khartoum

Type of Contract:  Period 1 year

Closing Date:  2010/11/10
Main duties and responsibilities:
Leadership and management of the centralized network operations’ functions being done from the central and regional NOC offices including the standard main responsibility areas of:
Fault Management
Performance Management
Configuration Management
Security Management
OSS Administration
Customer Interface and Persone Management
Extensive experience in managing operations team for wireless network 2&3G managing multi vendor & subcontractors network operations is an asset.
High level of interpersonal communication skills.
Very good communication skill, Oral and write English. Very good in French language, Oral and write French.
Customer Oriented.
Essential Skills :
Good knowledge about 2G, 3G, Core, Transmission, VAS, IP Backbone, NMS, OSS, LAN, WAN and TCP/IP.
Good knowledge of network topology, traffic handling capabilities and traffic characteristics.
Good knowledge of network performance / configuration parameters and their interpretation and use.
Network service / performance focused. Good knowledge about network operation processes and interfaces.
Good knowledge of network implementation / integration processes
Additional Skills:
Good communication skills. Project Management Skills
Good analytical and investigation technique.
Excellent team player
Leadership Skills

Performance Management Skills Time Management Decision Making


Minimum Requirement: Qualification: B.Sc
Major/Specialization/Career: Network Engineering or Computer Engineering
Experience: 10

Year Age : From: 20 To:45

Sex: Male or Famle


To Apply please Visit


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